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Summer adventure or free weekend away from everyday stress?
Now they will be at your fingertips! You just get into the car and take a comfortable and very functional tent with you on the roof of the car. The advantage of such a tent on the roof of a car is that while traveling or going out into the countryside, you can rest in regular camping or in any other place where parking is allowed, as well as spend the night in a tent within the dimensions of your car, and you no need to worry about running out of free space in a hotel or camping in the middle of the night.
The tent awning has an aerodynamic shape, which minimizes the noise inside the car while driving - no additional vibrations and noises are generated in the car. This aerodynamic design of the tent will allow you to forget that it is on the roof, regardless of whether you have a big car or a small one. Built into the base of the awning are rails, to which are attached buckles that secure the awning to the roof rack of the car.
It is very easy to unfold and fold such a tent and it takes no more than 2 minutes. It is enough to unlock the closing latch and slightly press on the upper part of the body and, thanks to the use of pneumatic drives, the tent unfolds by itself.
The proposed model of the tent is extremely functional, made of high-quality, waterproof, and UV-resistant material. All tubes and brackets are made of high-quality aluminum. The body of the tent is equipped with fasteners for special aluminum crossbars, with which you can fix it on the roof of the car.
Fasteners and special beams are included.
The tent is equipped with:
- four double-layer windows,
- two vents,
- double-layer door for good ventilation,
- windows and doors are equipped with mosquito nets,
- LED lighting powered by 12V batteries,
- inside the tent - two pockets for small items,
- on both sides of the tent from the entrance door - spacious pockets for shoes.
- foam mattress 8 cm thick,
- telescopic aluminum ladder with a lifting capacity of up to 150 kg.
Tent parameters:
- length: 200 cm (inner size),
- width: 140 cm (inner size),
- unfolded height: 70 - 110 cm,
- weight: 56.5 kg,
- the tent is designed for two or three people.


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