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Front bar EC-SERTIFIKAT 70 mm

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Brand Model Year Specification
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 150 2013-2017 150

This product for the Toyota LC 150 is designed to emphasize the individual character of your car.
   Products with a diameter of 70 mm and a thickness of 2 mm, made of stainless steel and polished by hand, which provides durability and additional protection of the built-in elements of the car. This gives the car a solidity and makes it more powerful and aggressive, which makes it different from the rest.
  If you want your car to be different from its counterparts and be more practical, while maintaining an ideal shape, you definitely need to invest in it.
   Stainless steel (AISI 304) is characterized by very high resistance to corrosion in severe weather conditions.
   In the kit there are instructions for assembly.
 We confirm the highest quality of our products, providing a 24-month warranty for polished stainless steel products and a 12-month guarantee for black painted coatings.

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Weight: 14.0000
Diameter: 70