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Vējsargi Chrysler Grand Voyager


Window deflectors for the CHRYSLER GR VOYAGER 2008- - a necessary and important accessory for the car. Deflectors will protect your car's interior from bad weather and strong winds, provide efficient ventilation and give the car an unforgettable and attractive look.
Deflectors will change the look of the car, make it individual and attractive at minimal cost.

This deflector model has the following advantages:
- the deflectors accurately replicate the geometry of the upper door frame, ensuring their maximum fit without gaps. In addition, they look natural and stylish on the door.
- they are made of impact-resistant and heat-resistant plastic, which ensures their reliability and long service life.
- a well-thought-out and convenient system for securing the deflectors guarantees their reliable fixing with the help of 3M adhesive tape (adhesive tape is included in the set) and, if all installation requirements are met, their spontaneous detachment or damage is prevented.
- The optimally selected deflector width contributes to maximum protection of the passenger compartment against the ingress of dust, rain, snow and wind when the windows are open.
- The special geometry of the windscreens, developed and tested in a special wind tunnel, makes it possible to improve the car's aerodynamics and reduce the level of aerodynamic noise generated by the car at high speeds.
Cobra Tuning deflectors optimally combine affordable costs and high quality products. They will be the perfect option for your car and will allow you to change its look at minimal cost.

Side window deflectors solve several problems at the same time:
- allows the side windows to always be clean, protecting them from dirt and water,
- serves as additional protection against sunlight,
- gives the car individuality,
- increases the car's aerodynamics and increases comfort in the cabin.
Deflectors are the best solution for your vehicle. They are quick and easy to install, look impressive and have high mechanical strength.
Installing deflectors on the side windows will not be difficult even for a beginner - this process does not require special knowledge and special tools. If necessary, our experts can advise you on all the nuances of installing window deflectors for your car model.

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