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Rear bumper cover

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Brand Model Year Specification
VW GOLF V 2007-2009 Universal

Do you often ship purchases, baggage, building materials, or travel with a dog?
✔️ Cover for the paint of the rear bumper (mechanical damage, scratches, abrasions, chips).
Is the rear bumper broken or damaged?
✔️ Ability to cover a damaged item.
The car is not a garage? Frequent visits to a car wash?
✔️ Protection against external factors (moisture, road salt, car wash products, etc.).
Want to enhance or highlight the look of your car?
✔️ Gives the car an exclusive character and unique appearance.
  The rear bumper trim Avisa is the perfect solution for your car, as it has both protective functions and looks great as a decorative element. Resistant to weather conditions (temperature -40 ° С / + 50 ° С) and visits to a car wash (moisture).
 This is not a typical chrome strip because it is made of polished stainless steel. Thanks to cleaning, its surface scales perfectly between hard chrome and a deep matte layer.
   The bent edge of the bumper is also closed in the cover plate through a specially profiled bend. It is fixed using a double-sided tape, which is located on all four edges of the plank.
  Attention! The product must be glued carefully, since it is impossible to repeat the installation after a single fixation.
  After installing the lining, you can easily load and remove luggage, and the scratched item now covers an exclusive accessory.
  You will receive the case in a sturdy packaging with assembly instructions 'Step by Step'. and 3M degreasing material. The kit also includes a tube Autosol (5 ml) - polishing and updating stainless steel. The excellent formula of the preparation provides a steel surface with a long-lasting gloss without scratches and a strong protective layer.

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