Car mats rubber

Paklāji salonā gumijas

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Rubber car mats

WEB notes: melna krāsa / black color/ черный цвет

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Brand Model Year Specification
FORD MONDEO 1996-2000 5d
FORD MONDEO 1996-2000 Universal
FORD MONDEO 1996-2000 Sedan
FORD MONDEO 2000-2003 Universal
FORD MONDEO 2000-2003 5d
FORD MONDEO 2000-2003 Sedan
FORD MONDEO 2003-2007 Universal
FORD MONDEO 2003-2007 5d
FORD MONDEO 2003-2007 Sedan

Interior rubber mats Rezaw-Plast - especial made rubber mats for each model using 3D floor scan technology.
- High edges protects interior from getting water and mud under the mat.
- No rubber smell, is acid and oil neutral.
- Surface with protector designed to prevent boots sliding, and also mat sliding on floor surface.
- Fixation kit for original fixation points is included.
- Easy washes with water or car shampoo.

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