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Rubber car mats

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Brand Model Year Specification
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 100 1998-2005 100
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 100 2005-2008 100

Polyurethane Floor Mats NOVLINE.
Polyurethane floor mats for the interior of the vehicle are made of a polymerized material and are placed on the floor to ensure cleanliness and comfortable conditions when using the vehicle.
Protection - the main function of mats is the protection of the vehicle interior from dirt and moisture. It is achieved by the use of high side skirts, a protective central tunnel crosspiece in front of backseat, properties of the material and patented 3D crosspiece technology for the driver's footrest area. This ensures additional protection, keeping the vehicle interior in mint condition.
Safety - the mats are made of the material that offers anti-slip features. To fix the mats in the vehicle interior special fasteners are used. The shape of the front section of the driver's mat, fitting under the accelerator pedal, eliminates the unintended sticking of pedals.
Aesthetics - the geometry of the mats fully matches the configuration of the floor, the color scheme and texture all work in full integration with the vehicle interior.
Material - polyurethane is a modern, environmentally friendly, polymerized material, offering the following characteristics:
-Environmentally safe.
-Neutral to aggressive chemical environments.
-Stable over temperature range from -50°C to +50°С.
-Resistant to ultraviolet rays.
-Resistant to abrasion.
-Non-skid surface.
-Conforms to the color scheme of the vehicle interior.
We use only raw materials that always guarantee a high level of consumer qualities of our items from product to product, from batch to batch.
Installation - within the plan of improvement the products quality, our company has embedded special fasteners to all floor mats. If original counterparts are pre-installed to the vehicle floor, we supply the mats with original fasteners. When there is no counterpart (не нужно запятую) we supply (убрать артикль the) mats with general fasteners (не нужно запятую) which guarantee safety during driving.
Use - polyurethane mats are two and a half times lighter than plastic ones. They maintain their shape and are easy to remove and put back on place. Mats are wear resistant and easy to wash. They create a feeling of complete fusion with the interior. Mats ensure an anti-slip effect due to the material properties and the profile texture. A special form of the front part of the driver's mat placed under the accelerator pedal eliminates unintended engagement of the pedal with the mat.
The mats can be used in the harsh climate conditions during which they maintain all their physical and mechanical properties.

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